I am an anti valentine’s day supporter

anti valentine's day
anti valentine's day

On Valentine’s day, men usually offer too many gifts to women. We know that men offer flower bouquets, restaurant dinners, jewelry. Have you seen a woman inviting a man at the restaurant on Valentine’s day? I never witnessed this situation. I can’t blame women. Men are responsible for Valentine’s day. They decide to buy products and services for women. Men are guilty of spoiling women with gifts. they have to change their behavior. They should stop buying jewelry because it is useless. I wrote an article about it.

By buying expensive items to women you send a wrong signal. You make her believe that money has no value. She can only understand the value of money if she buys a ring herself. If she buys a $10,000 ring, she will understand how much it takes to get it.

If you invite a woman to a restaurant it leads to the same result. You can’t expect a woman to have empathy for you if she does not understand the value of money. At the restaurant, the best practice would be to split the bill in two.

For sure, Valentine’s day is only about money.