Female millenials are the best for sex & relationship

I know that life is not perfect but I would like to highlight the bright side of life. Women of today have never been so good for a relationship. First of all, there are many storytellers who lie about the nineties, the eighties and the seventies. Those times were never as sexually good as it is reported. As I am writing this article, I am 39 years old and I want to compare women of today with women that I have met in the late nineties. Let’s go through my arguments:

A. Relationship – before and now:

  1. In the past, men were the only one in the couple who was responsible for earning money. 20 years ago, it was ok that a woman decided to stop working and let the man work hard for her. Today women focus on real job careers and many are financially independent.
  2. Today, women study hard to be financially independent. They don’t rely on a man to pay their bills. By the past, it was ok for a woman to stay home and be sponsored for the rest of her life.
  3. Before it was ok to marry an unemployed woman but it wasn’t ok to marry an unemployed man. It is still difficult but things are changing with the internet generation.
  4. The peak of the number of praying mantis is behind us.  Women of the Internet generation have more empathy and fewer expectations towards men on average. They are looking for consensual interactions with men rather than generating tensions and stress out of thin air like the past generations did. Consequently, a relationship with one of these women is more relaxing.

B. Sex – before and now:

  1. The sexual freedom of women is happening now thanks to the internet. The sexual freedom of the 60ties and the 70ties was a big lie. In the 60ties and the 70ties, people didn’t accept same-sex couples. People used to marry at 22 years old on average in the US. Swingers were seen as being members of a sect. Interracial sex was a sin. There was no one-night stand at that time and no friends with benefits.
  2. Women didn’t talk about their sexuality at all. Many hid their sexuality.
  3. 20 years ago women were much more passive than today. I am not saying it is perfect today but it was worse 20 years ago.
  4. 20 years ago, women were into romantic expectations. They played the princesses who waited for a charming prince. At the end, nobody had sex and those women missed big opportunities. Women are less romantic and much more into action today.
  5. Women have never been as sexually mature in their early twenties as now and this is thanks to the Internet that acted as the most efficient sex lesson.
The Canadian Anti-feminist Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern is one of the figureheads of the Internet generation. They are into action rather than reaction. They remind me the Russian women that I have met in my life. Unlike their female predecessors, they aren’t bystanders of their life. They don’t have the princess syndrome.  They aren’t expecting a miracle to come whether it is about their career, their sentimental life, their sexual life.

What has changed between yesterday and today?

Twenty years ago, men were subordinated to their wives and girlfriends. We lacked social skills. We disconnected our rationality when we were engaged to a woman. We used to hand over the control of our sentimental life to our girlfriends. Today, men think about their interest in a relationship and they examine social interactions to see their benefits. I am very impressed by this new generation of men who learn so fast.

I must admit it is a problem for men who are looking for women aged 40 and older. Younger women are not only more attractive, they also have a more interesting mentality for a relationship with a man than older generations of women.

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