Why young women should not be picky during dating

I have noticed that in the western world, there were numerous women who were passive and expected the man to do the first step. In other words, the man had to tell the woman he wanted to date her, organize the dating appointment, be ready to hear 2 or 3 times “I don’t know, perhaps, maybe, I have a problem” from her, be funny to attract her attention, come back to her several times and beg her to have sex. Most of the time a woman doesn’t give a man any feedback and he has to guess what she wants without being pushy otherwise it would be considered a sexual harrassment…etc…etc…  Because of those Herculean labors, most of the time, the woman doesn’t date the man. That’s not the man’s fault. Women are wrong to be passive.

Later on, the man and woman never had sex together and they fantasized about each other all their life.

Women do a major mistake by being passive or picky during dating or a flirt. They don’t understand that age is a problem for women not for men. As MGTOW men say, women hit the wall between 31 and 35 years old. It means women’s beauty vanishes in a dramatic fashion between 31 and 35 years old. There is nothing like that among men. Also, women get quickly infertile in their lifespan. Meanwhile, the man in his 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s is more likely to look attractive. It is not a problem for me to find attractive men who look like Johnny Depp (54 years old as I write) and Tom Cruise (55 years old as I write). On the other hand, it is almost impossible to find naturally attractive Cougars.

Young women don’t understand that time is ticking faster for women than men.

Furthermore, a man in his 40’s, 50’s and 60’s can always find a younger woman if he wants a child. Male infertility only affects 7% of the whole male population. Meanwhile, female infertility starts to decrease at 24%

Coming back to our first example of young women being very picky and passive in the western world. Young women don’t understand they will not have other opportunities in their life soon. On the other hand, at some point, the young man will have new opportunities with younger women than a woman of his age. At least, he is more likely to have new opportunities with younger women than the woman with younger men.

Some women think they will never get infertile and less attractive. It is a major mistake. It is better to be ready for it because women don’t usually die at 50 years old. In other words, if they do nothing, they will have time to have regrets before the end of their life. Young women can fix this issue by being more proactive in dating men right from the beginning in their early 20’s.

I have faced a situation where a woman who liked me didn’t come to a dating appointment that I set up. Then, she came back to me after almost 10 years. However, I was not interested anymore as she was 40 years old. She wasn’t as beautiful as before. It was too late for the reasons explained before. Her beauty vanished and I have found better looking and younger fertile women.

Whatever the cause of this behavior: shyness, moral, selfishness, high self-esteem, a woman always pays a big price for her lack of action. Even if it is not for a long-term relationship, she will regret she never had sex with you.

For your information, I have noticed that on average Eastern European women were aware of the biological clock issue and there were more proactive in their early twenties.

Women who are getting old and who are about to hit the wall (aka lose her beauty and charm) should be proactive to find a man before it is too late. Opportunities with their favorite will never come back. Regrets will bother her for the rest of their life. Between 35 years old and 40 years old, I have met women jumped on every man just to get a baby. For them, it was too late to learn to know their genitor. They just wanted a genitor. They didn’t want a special man. This is their fault. They are picky during their twenties and early thirties and they do the wrong choice lately.

Men, you will see that it can benefit you to remind young women that they have a limited time. The mainstream media has made believe that the pressure of dating women should be on men’s shoulders. However, it is the opposite because women have less time than men due to the biological clock. For example, you can remind women that you can get a child with a younger woman all your life. A woman can’t get a child with a younger man all her life.