“why men & women can’t be friends” video analysis

We spotted and watched the youtube video entitled “why men and women can’t be friends” by patvicious1 on youtube


As I used to say by the past, Interviews of women are not a reliable source of information since people can lie, tell a partial truth, misunderstand, be in denial or express an opinion that it is not the reality.

I have a very good example related to this video. When I was at university, one of my friend told me that one of my female friend thought that I was interested in her. However, I wasn’t interested in her at all. If my female friend would have been interviewed by this gentleman in the video, she would have replied in the same fashion than the female students of the video. She would have replied that one man is interested in her as she would have thought that I was interested in her. However, this was just not true.

The interviewer overreacts at the end of the video thinking he made a point. No, Interviews are not reliable.

Now that I have debunked the first layer of understanding. I am going to go further. I think that in the video, women try to promote their SMV, sexual market value by pinpointing that men want them. This is a simple manipulation technique named “the power of persuasion” and I think it talks about it in my ebook “how women manipulate men”.

They want to show people that men desire them. So, it means that they have a high SMV. Now, let’s talk about the problem related to the men who hear those statements like the interviewer in the video. Those men overreact thinking that everything a woman says is true, genuine, sacred. They don’t try to ask for details or challenge an answer. By thinking that their desirability is true, they value women and worship them like goddesses. .