At 50 years old, it is not too late to divorce your wife

I have observed 50+ couples and I have found interesting stuff.

In their 50ties, female predators still bash their husband. However, it wasn’t the most common thing I have observed. I found that many 50+ female predators didn’t support their husband in difficult times. Also, the female predators kept on pressuring their husband to earn more money. those wives also kept pressuring men to do physical tasks (house, garden, business). This relationship is not sustainable for a man.

Men should get divorced in their 50ies for several reasons:

  • He still works and after the divorce, he can still save money for himself.
  • He should get divorced before facing serious health issues. it would be easier to divorce while being in good shape. Plus, if you share your life with a female predator, it may look bearable if you are in good shape but it is going to be difficult if you get a chronic disease.

In the west, men overestimate the value of their 50+ wife. Those men should stop thinking about their wife and start thinking about their man’s life.

If he does not want to get divorced, it is going to be much more painful to get divorced in his 60s because he will have to give up much more money and he may have to face health problems as well. On top of that, if he is retired, he may be forced to come back to work after the divorce since he would lose a lot of money in case of a regular wedding agreement.

In fact, it is never to late to get divorced.