Why do Russian women make great wives – money & education

Russian women are among the greatest wives on earth and I will demonstrate it with references.

Household Finance

The Russian households are the least indebted households from the OECD countries. Below you can find the Household debt against the percentage of net disposable income per country.

This means that the Russian women are not heavy spenders. Several studies show that in the western world women are decision makers for real estate projects in 65% of the cases. However, real estate projects are the number one expense of households. On average, Russian women are thriftier than any women from Western Europe or Central Europe or the United States.


Among the OECD countries, Russia is the country where households save a significant amount of money. Below you can see the household debts as percentage of net household disposable income in 2015. Russian households saved a bit less money than French households.


Women make 46.9% of the employed population in Russia. Most of the Russian women come back to work after giving birth.

Child education

Mothers use to take care of children on their own. They may even refuse that men get involved. They don’t educate loosely their children. They constantly advise their children. Nevertheless, I should say there is a good balance because Russian mothers aren’t over-protecting children. For example, when a Russian mother has a son and he is a teenager, she lets him take responsibilities. http://russian7.ru/post/kakie-privychki-est-tolko-u-russkikh-m/