Who is the “blond in the belly of the beast” on Youtube

“The blond in the belly of the beast” is the nickname of a female YouTuber. She is famous for recording anti-feminist and conservative speeches that are mostly followed by men (70000 followers as I am writing this article). Her audience counts lots of fans who never criticize her in the comments area. she uses all the rhetoric from MTGOW and PUA like red pill, blue pill, beta males, alpha males. She also uses the rhetoric of the alt-right by talking about identity, aliens, leftism among other topics that are common among alt-right anchors. In fact, she just does reader’s digest to me.

Her Youtube channel has more than 3 million views.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbyOgUSjTSPpvVUAT2OyHw/videos

After this neutral description, I would like to give you my opinion. I am used to this kind of female predators who pretend to be on the side of men to better bash them. That’s why I have analyzed the following video where she exactly does what the male bashers perform every day. Noone is legitimate to bash male strangers.

By the way, she uses a manipulation technique that I describe in my Ebook: “How women manipulate men”.  Female manipulators artificially lower the self-esteem of men to better manipulate them. On Youtube, the goal is to attract men to get more views and live on advertisements. This technique is possible because men accept to be bashed.

Her male viewers are so brainwashed so that they really believe they were or that they are losers in front of women.

Quite interestingly, nobody talks about beta females.

This type of female predators brings me back to my university studies where the humanities faculty was packed with this kind of female predators. I found that there were very similar to cold blooded reptiles except that they had a better shape. They were articulate. They had opinions that gave the impression they fought for men. However, I have never seen those female predators caring about a man or doing something for a man. Meanwhile, some men were hypnotized by those cold blooded beasts who never gave a compliment in return.

When I see the “blond in the belly of the beast” I think about this sequence of the V tv show.