Where to meet single women?

Many men think that night locations like bars & nightclubs are the best to meet single women. Unconsciously, you may think that the night brings a party spirit with the promiscuity of women aided by alcohol which allows getting rid of inhibitions.

However, you can witness the same issue in North America or Europe, women are always outnumbered by men wherever you go. It means that some women don’t go out to those night places.

According to weddingbee.com, the website dedicated to brides, only 9% of women met their future husband at a bar. According to a poll at yourpost.info it is even worst. Out of 156 people, only 6 people answered that they met their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend at a “cafe/club/venue” which represents only 3,8% of committed people in this poll.

So, it means that night pickup places are overrated. Also, many TV shows & movies portray nightclubs as the place of choice to meet someone. However, there is a huge gap between fiction & reality. Women aren’t that attracted to going to a nightclub to meet someone. It would be interesting to ask their reasons to women who aren’t interested in going to nightclubs.

Day pickup places:

The big secret is the following: the best pickup places can be found in the day. That’s why I talk about day pickup places rather than night pickup places. I do think that bars & nightclubs are good dating places but aren’t good pickup places. I think it is good to think out of the box & meet women where they use to go in the day whether it is a shop, a workplace or a group of people. that’s why I update a list of shops, associations, sports & jobs where you can meet beautiful women.

A little comment about those lists. For each place that I consider to be day pickup places I have myself witnessed that it was actually a good location by testing it.

Social networking:

According to a weddingbee.com poll, 18% of women met their future husband through a friend or a family member. That’s twice the result of meeting at the bar. I think it is a significant number. I would encourage men to look into their networks of people and choose networks where they have opportunities to meet women rather than only men. Social networking is more difficult for expatriates and newcomers for sure.