Where are the single women?

Women from Republic of Crimea
Women from the Republic of Crimea

Still today, and I want to start with that, many men think that lounge bars & nightclubs are the pickup places of choice. However, according to many surveys about how people met, all the night locations together represent ONLY 8% to 10% of the places where boyfriends and girlfriends met.  Here is one of those surveys

In 90% of the cases, you will meet your girlfriend or your wife in the day.

In fact, there is a massive propaganda from media that make believe that lounge bars and nightclubs are places where people meet. Nightclubs and lounge bars owners can say thank you to the mainstream media.

Women never go far away to get a man:

Looking into the results of the survey, the promiscuity rule works always. Usually, a woman picks up a man who is the closest to her. In this context, I know that some men are stuck in the friend zone. So, don’t listen to them, and go ahead with the women who are your relatives because the beautiful stranger met at the local bar lounge or a night club is just a dream.


For those who don’t know any women (like expats for instance), you have to get into networks where you can approach women and be the closest guy. When somebody moves out from its city, the new issue is very much related to the fact that he belongs to no networks at his new place. It is important to look for new networks of people where you can meet new women.

Day pick-up places:

I do think there are many women world locations where you can meet women in the day rather than in the night. For sure, it requires spending time gathering information online, spotting places and scheduling time. That’s why I wrote a guide of the day pick-up places which list all the hobbies, the sports, job positions, shops that attract women.

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