Where are the most beautiful women in the world?

Ukrainian woman in Odessa

Beautiful women in Europe:

I think that some Russian women have smashing beautiful bodies. It sometimes looks out of this world. To me, some look better than super-models. They have long legs & curves at the same time. If I calculate everything ( the beauty of legs, curves, face, style) Russian and Ukrainian women would be the best from all the girls, I have seen in a face-to-face situation all over the world. In Ukraine, there are lots of different types of women. They are a bit different than Russian women. The difference between the two may be a question of taste taking into account that there is more beauty diversity in Ukraine. If a man likes blond women, he will find a beautiful blond. If another man likes brunettes, he will also find beautiful brunettes in Ukraine.

Beautiful women on the American continent:

In Americas, the best-looking women are located in Argentina and Chile. The Argentinian women are a mix of Spanish and Italian women.

Beautiful women in Asia:

First, I want to say I don’t know anything about Asia because I have never been to the Far-east. Nevertheless, the most beautiful women I have met from Asia came from China & South Korea.