What to wear on a date if you are a man?

When I hear people saying that women are attracted to the bad boy style, it makes me laugh. Who would like to date a man in sportswear and a hooded sweatshirt? If you put a jacket on, classy trousers and shoes, you have much more chance to attract attention from women than wearing sneakers.

My experiment to show the importance of clothing:

I did an experiment. I showed up at shops with cheap looking clothes first and then with classy clothes. Systematically, I have witnessed that all the women in the shop (female employees and female customers) looked at me differently. All the women gave me more attention when I came with classy clothes, and it was not because of the money as I didn’t buy anything. Interestingly enough, it works in all countries. Whatever your age, women like men with classy clothes wearing black & white clothes. It echoes the timeless women’s attraction for classy men. Many women notice the type of clothes even if they don’t talk about it. I was fortunate enough to work for a cosmetics company where I was one of the only men. I had witnessed that when women started to talk about how a man was dressed, they all said the same things. For instance, if a man had cheap clothes. They will notice it, but if you don’t ask them, you will never know they have noticed it. It is in the back of their mind when they talk to you.

The classy look is the best:

Whether you go to a lingerie shop to pick up women or whether you go out to a lounge bar, classy looking works everywhere in an urban environment. Classy clothing helps everywhere in all countries. This means wearing a jacket, a V sweatshirt, classy jeans & classy shoes. A jacket makes you look sharp. It is really helpful if you are a bit overweight. In some cases, you can step up to the three pieces suit costume. It sounds cliché but looking like a Hollywood actor on the red carpet works with every woman.

fit jacket blazer seducer

A jacket:

Whatever people say, I have always witnessed that women liked serious guys. I am sure you already saw a dating coach wearing a casual jacket. Among those fit jacket types, there is the slim fit blazer jacket. Padded should jacket are also great but don’t buy a jacket with too thick pads.

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chino pants

Chino pants:

It is simple, and this is the best shape to go everywhere. By the way, chino pants are not the most expensive kind of pants. Vintage jeans can be much more expensive and look cheap and dirty.

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