What is the difference between Ukrainian & Russian women for dating

I am French and I have met Ukrainian and Russian women. In my mind, I thought that Russian women and Ukrainian women had the same mindset. I was wrong. Here are the qualifiers that I would like to give to the women of every nationality. 

Russian women:

  • Straight-forward: Russian woman can even sound rude since they are extremely straight-forward sometimes. They exactly tell you what they want right from the beginning. This helps to start from a good and solid foundation for a long-term relationship. 
  • Not diplomatic: Some Russian women may look psycho-rigid because they don’t accept being contradicted. When I met a psycho-rigid Russian woman I felt like there was nothing much I could do with her. That’s why it is important to choose the right person right from the beginning since the relationship is not going to change over the years. It will be like frozen. 
  • Hard workers: Most of the Russian women want to get a job and have their money.
  • Good mothers: They like to spend time with their children. They aren’t like western women who leave their children as soon as they can to go somewhere else.
  • Independent: Russian women are independent. They may start their business. They may have their hobbies. 

Ukrainian women:

  • She can be a player: Some women may play a comedy and tell you how much they like you to seduce you. They may tell you what you want to hear. 
  • Negotiation is possible: The Ukrainian women may look bossy and confident at first sight, but it is possible to discuss and make them accept that they are wrong about something. You are the man, it is expected that you make a decision. 
  • She may be obsessed by marriage: Some Ukrainian women pretend that they aren’t interested in marriage. Nevertheless, don’t be naïve if you hear a woman asking your age, your longest relationship, your marital status, your job position in a row.
  • The man must always pay: They value a traditional couple life where the man pays the bills. It sounded scary to me. However, I have observed something really strange. All the mixed couple (Ukrainian woman, European man) I know in West Europe are less indebted than homogeneous couples (example: French man / French woman). Both Russian and Ukrainian women have less financial expectations than American or West European women
  • Good mothers: Ukrainian mothers are as good as Russian mothers especially for infants. They don’t fail taking care of their children. They never complain about taking care of their children. 

Now that you know those differences, keep those differences in mind when you date a Russian or Ukrainian woman.