Review of the red pill interviews from Alexander Grace (Youtube)

Alexander Grace has created a channel where he interviewed women about red pill subjects. Here is my opinion about it.

I think that interviewing women about how they perceive men is a waste of time for several reasons.

Some interviewed women lie about what they really think or how they act. They may give Alexander Grace a pre-made opinion that is commonly accepted by society.

They also may be in denial. For example, a woman may say that she is not interested in rich men but systematically dates men who are richer than her. A woman may be convinced that she is not a gold digger but she may take advantage of men’s money.

There is also the situation where a woman has no opinion but prefer relaying the opinion from somebody else (her sister, her mother…).

There is the same issue with surveys. To me, every scientific study that is based on surveys isn’t reliable because opinions are not as reliable as acts.

In conclusion, trying to under a situation by listening to people is useless. If you want to evaluate a situation, you must base your conclusion on observations.

Mr Grace, if you want to understand what women think about men, you should observe how they behave with men rather than asking them what they think about men.

The interviews of women by Alexander Grace are useless because women lie too. Women are just humans and they lie too. Some women can be in denial. Some women can lie about their life. Some women may also misunderstand the question.

On top of that, women are more influenced by social norms so that they are more likely to lie more than men in order to match with the social norm.

Alexander Grace value women’ speech too much. He makes the same mistake as many other men. He puts women on a pedestal.

On the other hand, Alexander Grace is good at tackling male-female relationship problems. I think he highlights aspects of the female-male relationship that no one really tackles in details. So, it is still interesting to watch his videos.