Report on trying to pick up women in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands is one of the worst West European location to find & date women. There is a very small panel of Dutch women who go out to lounge bars and nightclubs. Dutch bars and nightclubs are packed with men. Don’t surprise to see a ratio of 8 men to two women. Additionally, it is not easy to get inside one of those places. Selection is very tight at the entrance. It is also difficult for Dutchmen. In fact, many nightclubs are for youngsters, and if you are older than 23 years old, you are too old for those parties. Let’s detail the problems of dating in the Netherlands.

Nightlife is bad in the Netherlands:

The nightlife in the Netherlands is for students aged from 18 to 23 years old. Traditionally, they go out to clubs to get heavily drunk during 2 or 3 years of their life. Then, they stop going to nightclubs. In regular nightclubs, you will find 80% of men for 20% of women. For sure, the most beautiful Dutch women will be in the 60% of women that you never see by night. On top of that, you can be denied entrance into many nightclubs and lounge bars. I forgot to say that lounge bars and nightclubs are among the most expensive for the value. Even if you are not looking for a woman, Netherlands is still not a place to party in the night.

You know nobody there? Good luck to you!

Consequently, if you are not in the right people’s network, you cannot meet local women. I guess that men from London do understand what I am talking about. In Fact,  attractive Dutch women don’t go out to public places. You have more chance to meet a Dutch woman in Spain during the summer than in the Netherlands during the winter. You see the really attractive women passing by on their bicycles in a blink of an eye in downtown Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht. You will never see a really attractive Dutch woman sitting at a coffee shop or a bar.

The Dutchmen flee the country too!

Many Dutchmen travel abroad to find a girlfriend. I remember meeting a man who dated a Polish woman in London. In Fact, every weekend, he used to fly to London until he met a Polish woman. Here is an article in Dutch about those Dutchmen who go to Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines to meet someone. Visit the webpage in chrome and it will translate it. So, if you are an expat and if you live in the Netherlands that can be hard for you to date a Dutch woman. I worked in an IT department of a large company in the Netherlands. Once, one of my colleagues asked: “where are the women aged 25 to 40 here in our neighborhood”. In the context of his speech, he wanted to mention that he didn’t see many women in our neighborhood. You think he was an expat working in the Netherlands. Wrong. He was Dutch.

The beautiful Dutch woman is a stereotype

Also, I rarely saw attractive Dutch women in the Netherlands. On the other hand, I have seen lots of women with masculine bodies in NL. We are far away from the commonly accepted Dutch woman body stereotype: Blond, blue-eyed, tall and skinny. In fact, many of them have masculine shoulders, chubby with no feminine curves.  On top of that, beautiful Dutch women don’t go out. You are more likely to meet hot Dutch women on holidays in South of Spain than in the Netherlands.

Some Dutch men are slaves

Feminism also made lots of damage in the Netherlands. Once I was at the Schipol Airport car park waiting for the bus to get me to the terminal. The bus arrived. I saw a woman with her daughter stepping out from the bus. Then, they stood in front of the bus waiting. The husband was behind and came back and forth several times with the luggage of the family in hands. There were 5 pieces of luggage and neither his wife nor her daughter helped him.

Stealthy gold-diggers:

I have noticed that a significant number of Dutch women were gold diggers. Don’t expect a Dutch gold digger to get dressed like a Las Vegas hooker. You can’t spot them in a crowd. For instance, for many Dutch women, it is normal to buy a very small house for 400,000 euros to be in a posh neighborhood. I remember an unemployed Dutch wife who pressured his husband to pay for her photography studies (6000 euros) at a local private photography school with photography equipment (3000 euros).

This may explain why the Dutch households are among the most indebted households in Europe. (reference)

Nevertheless, I must admit this trend is downward and the new generation of Dutch women aged 18 to 22 years old are less demanding (as per 2016). If you live in the Netherlands, consider taking advantage of Schiphol International airport or travel to another country.

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