Men who give up their hobbies to pay the dreams of their wife/girlfriend

We found that many men gave up their hobbies to pay the bills of their wife or girlfriend.

We know several men who used to have several hobbies before they got married. They gave up their hobbies while sharing their life with a woman. I think about men who were musicians, men who like car tuning, men who liked spending money in a sport…

Interestingly, I knew men with the same types of hobbies in the ’90s when I was a teen. I vividly remember that those men used to spend a lot of money on their hobbies back in the day. They could spend money on synthesizers, guitars, cars, computers, motorcycles… In the ’90s, computers used to be really expensive compared to today.

Financial expectations towards men

Today, female predators order their husband to spend money on other expenses like trips to remote destinations, custom kitchen, furniture, hot tubs, gardens, nice cars, big houses, cottages. I found that many men are forced to give up their hobby to be able to buy the products and services ordered by their wife or girlfriend.

No hobby allowed

On top of that, those female predators don’t allow their husband or boyfriend to have a personal hobby. For example, I remember a woman who didn’t want her boyfriend to play hockey with her friend because she felt excluded. We all heard women saying that “the household money goes for my man’s hobby, it is crazy.”

Strangely, no-one, I say no-one challenges the high expenses triggered by the woman in the couple. When a wife triggers a $20000 expense in a swimming pool or $4000 expense in a luxurious hot tub, it is ok. I never hear people saying “this wife is such a heavy spender.”

There is a situation where the man works and lives for his wife rather than working and earning money for himself.

Children as an excuse

Some people may answer that there are additional expenses related to the children in a family. However, when I visit a family with children, I find that most of the big expenses are not mandatory for the comfort and education of the children.

I think about the overpriced custom kitchen, expensive holidays, expensive SUVs, expensive swimming pools, custom kitchen, furniture…


Men have to make the choice. Either they live for themselves or they live for others.