Those anti-feminist women who are false allies of men

The Youtuber “blonde in the belly of the beast”

Be cautious with anti-feminist women. You may think that these women are unharmful because they are anti-feminist but in fact, they may just try to get your attention in order to better manipulate you. This is how a female predator will make you accept a relationship that does not benefit you.

A gold digger, a castrating woman, a scammer will divert the attention away from her by using anti-feminist speech.

Then, you may think: “my girlfriend is a die-hard anti faminist. So I risk nothing.”

On the Internet, numerous female YouTubers use anti-feminism to attract MGTOW and men in order to get many views and make money from their male audience. In real life, some women use anti-feminism to their interest.

On one hand, those women say that men are mistreated by feminism. On the other hand, they expect real men to be “real men”. They want men to be their chaperone and money provider.

Those women are not legitimate to say what a man should be and should not be. They should not tell you how your relationship should be. You should not live according to their rules. You should live according to your rule.