Those women who want to legitimate hypergamy

We found quite interesting that several YouTubers and the Russian gold diggers had a common view on hypergamy. They try to legitimate hypergamy by explaining that hypergamy is a natural behavior from women to find the best possible partner. According to them, this partner would provide the best possible environment to raise their children.

Unfortunately for those women, there aren’t scientific studies about hypergamy. That’s why they have to make up their scientific evidence. By the way, it is not acceptable to listen to MGTOW guys like Sandman who repeats those pseudo-science facts from those manipulators because it gives legitimacy to the speech of manipulators. However, what the manipulators say is just rubbish.

From what I see in the real world, the requirements of those hypergamic women have nothing to do with giving the safest environment for their children. 

Their requirements have nothing to do with children

I think those women are purely materialistic. They want a big house, a swimming pool, going on vacation to remote destinations. They want a big luxurious SUV. They want a custom-made kitchen and special furniture. All those expenses aren’t necessary to provide a safe environment to their children. This process is in fact, narcissistic. Those female predators want to live a good lifestyle. They want to take advantage of a man’s money to get everything they want. To me, those women are greedy.

The hypergamic women pretend there are biological/sociological explanations for their behavior to justify hypergamy. They want men to accept the hypergamic behavior to be a normal behavior. They want men to think that if they want to mate with a woman, they have to be ready to pay for everything she needs. It is quite funny that this happens now because women work and should be financially independent. They should be ready to mate with a man who earns less than them.

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