The noFap movement is bad


It does not make sense to fight masturbation which is a natural practice. There aren’t any studies saying that stopping masturbation would improve your health condition. Masturbation is as natural as eating. If someone would ask to stop eating for one month, everybody will say that it is not a good idea. I think that the same logic can be applied to masturbation.

We know that smoking and drinking alcohol is bad for your body. There are many studies about it. You have to be a good manipulator to convince people that porn and masturbation are bad for your health since there aren’t any studies about it. You will not get a cancer because of porn and masturbation!


Stopping masturbation will never help a man to solve his relationship problems. In fact, stopping masturbation will not solve any problems of a man. You will not be more confident. You will not be happier. You will not be better. I think that the nofappers just suffer from a placebo effect related to what they read online.

Porn is the contraceptive pill of men

The masturbation in front of porn allows men to be sexually independent of women. Thanks to porn, you can look at women from a rational point of view.

Male shaming

I think that no-one should shame people who masturbate and watch porn. Those people want to invite themselves in your intimacy. They want to tell you what to do and how to think. This is 1984 at its best. They want to take a bit of your freedom and they want you to feel bad about what you do.