The Russian gold digger ideology

Take into account that “the Russian gold digger” can be found everywhere all over the world.

During the soviet union, Russian women had to work and be a mother. This was gender equality according to the Soviets and it was one of the only good things about communism. There were no gold diggers and no hypergamy in Russia before the collapse of the soviet union. Then, some men became rich thanks to free trade and the open market in Russia. Some women saw an opportunity. They started to take advantage of those rich men called oligarchs. Millionaires married women who had no assets at that time. Then, the women divorced and there was a transfer of assets from the man to the woman.

Today, some Russian women consider that their purpose in life is to take advantage of men’s money. This is their philosophy. I heard it from a female Muscovite teacher of a seduction school for women. She said: “women’s biological goal is to take advantage of men’s money”. They found a biological reason to justify stealing Russian men’s money. They don’t feel guilty about it, it is their ideology. They think that women should stay at home and live on their husband income. Those Russian women say that it is a full time job. However, in Russia, you can buy all the automated appliances that you can find in the west like dishwashers, washing machine, dryer, bag-less vacuum cleaners, cleaning robots, garment steamers. There are no heavy house chores left. Also, Russian nannies are cheap. So, those women can live a great life in a comfortable environment doing nothing and letting their men taking the financial responsibility on his shoulders. The Russian men who accept this situation get all the stress and takes all the risks while the Russian woman has a great life in her house.

Quite interestingly, they have created a new culture which has expended across the west today. I call it Neo-traditionalism. In order to fool Russian men and legitimate this unfavorable relationship to men, the female manipulators refer to a past era where women stayed at home and men worked in the field. In reality, Women always worked like men in the past centuries in Russia. Anyways, when women refer to the past for promoting the housewife lifestyle, this is an off-topic debate. This speech is just intended to manipulate men.

Today, there are in Moscow, seduction schools to teach women how to trap big fishes.

In those seduction schools, women learn how to manipulate men by being nice, cooking for them and never start an argument. 

Dear male readers, don’t look at the Russian gold digger ideology as it would be an exotic ideology that you will never have to face in your life. Wherever you live, all over the world, there are Neo-traditionalist gold diggers around you. Gold diggers don’t need to have a fit night dress and high heels to be gold diggers. Think about it.

The following video is a documentary about a seduction school in Russia. They shamelessly teach techniques to manipulate men.

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