The neomasculinists aren’t MGTOW

“Alpha male” stupidity

These men like Jack Donovan who encourage men to compete against each other aren’t MGTOWS. Those men still consider women to be special creatures that men should over-protect. In the western world, it does not make sense, since according to the law women are equal to men. This means women have the same rights and duties than men. Consequently, women should work. 

The neo-masculinists want men to behave like monkeys, lions, and wolves by trying to be alpha. Watch the videos of the Kruger Park to understand how stupid it would be to mimic wild animals. For example, it is not worth fighting another man just to show that you are a man. It is not worth fighting for a woman. It is not rational and does not work in man’s interest

Neo-masculinists worship women and they still want to protect them and seduce them. I don’t hate women but I don’t know every woman. I don’t consider talking about every woman just like they would deserve an equal level of respect. On the men side, there are men that we really don’t like. It is life. Why should we consider that women are angels by default?