The false rape culture

False rape culture in the USA

Between 1978 and 1987, sociologist Eugene Kanin studied rape reports in a small midwestern town in the United States of America. During this period, at this particular location, there were 109 reported sexual assaults. Among those 109 sexual assaults, he found out that 41% were false reports.

Link to the study from E. Kanin

At that time, there were no DNA tests of the alleged victim’s body. So, without eyewitnesses, how could you confirm that the 59% of left cases were true?

False rape culture in France

According to a French Policeman interviewed by a journalist in Normandy, 7 to 8 rape cases out of 10 rape accusations are false.

In this case, we talk about 70% of false rape accusation cases. It is a serious matter taking into account that the penalty incurred is up to a 20-year prison sentence. The policeman reported that it costs money and time because the investigations require several policemen and justice state workers to work on the case. This is a waste of tax payer’s money.

In this article, Prosecutor Jean-Claude Belot explained the background of the issue. He stated that women who go out to nightclubs on their own could cheat on their boyfriend or husband. If he found out, the cheating girlfriend or wife made up a story saying she was raped.

Link to the story (in french) Open in Google chrome to get a translation.

False rape culture in the UK

In the UK, numerous women accuse men of rape. False rape accusations are a serious matter but unfortunately, the majority of the male British politicians don’t care about it. False rape accusations are today a weapon against men that can be used by any women to hurt a man and ruin his career or his reputation in a blink of an eye.