Stop befriending toxic women

I am now 40 years old as I write this posts. As I look back, I think about all the time when I witnessed that men were too kind and sociable with some women who weren’t nice.

In situations where the men weren’t tied to the women for any reasons, those men were overly nice. For example, I think about the situation where a man still kept on listening to a woman who continuously bashed or mistreated him. Whoever his age, rank, social status, this man decided to have a low profile and stay with this woman even if this relationship wasn’t beneficial to him. 

For example, I think about those women who will say to a friend that he is a beta male, that he does not know to talk to women, that he does not give enough attention to women… The male bashing can be related to his look or his body. She may mock his belly because he is overweight or his head because he is bald. 

Those sentences hurt and they are not acceptable. If you are in this situation you should stop seeing this woman as fast as possible because she is toxic.

I have observed the behavior of men in several countries. That’s why I thought it was a worldwide issue. I like to repeat that I have also observed that men valued toxic women too much and didn’t value good women enough.

Do you befriend a toxic woman? Think about it. Remove toxic women from your facebook friend list. Don’t accept the invation of a woman who was toxic to you in the past.