Killing stereotypes about what a man should do to seduce a woman

A hot woman walking on the street in Romania
A hot woman walking on the street in Romania

We met lots of guys saying picking up a woman is easy. They consider themselves as seduction masters. We also saw lots of things in the media saying seducing women was an easy task. Women seduction suffers from a high number of stereotypes. A young man will systematically be misled because he is in contact with this education through media and society.

Let me end some stereotypes:

Don’t do anything, things will supervene on their own. 

A man told me one day: “you shouldn’t show you’re looking for a woman because the woman will feel you’re looking for a woman and she will be suspicious”. Wow. wow. Wow. It is a nonsense for sure. If you do nothing you get nothing. If you don’t explain to the woman that you want her, she will not tell you anything. In the western world, an attractive woman will stay single for 2 months while a handsome man will stay single for 2 years. No women will knock on your door if you do nothing.

You need a lot of money to get beautiful women

Yes, you need money to go out but you don’t need to get dressed in a 3 pieces suits with very expensive shoes and a Lambo. You don’t need to go out to the most expensive places. It is useless. You just need to spend the money when it is required. Think first about the benefit for each penny you spend. Don’t offer gifts if you don’t have any benefits to do so. Plus, beware of what you see online. Everything you see online is part of a virtual world. Rely more on what you see through your eyes.

Everybody as its chance

It is a lie. For instance, if you are a butcher. Imagine you talk to a woman and introduce yourself as a butcher. it is not likely to work. It is the same for the people who are jobless. If you have a hobby it is very important to make believe it is your job. This issue is due to the distorted reality that has been created by the media. Media always valued arts to the detriment of down to earth jobs. This fact rose up the women expectations when they are looking for an ideal man. Women are very influenced by the upper-scale lifestyle they see on TV.

It is all about men self-confidence

Once, I was in downtown Madrid, I picked up a woman on the street. I brought her to a bar. She was tall and looked like a super-model. I hung out with her. I discovered she was a lesbian and I finished the night in a gay/lesbian bar. She was 19 years old in the striving for selfhood. So, I have been confident picking up this woman to discover she was a lesbian, psychologically unstable and end up in a lesbian bar where a bisexual man who asked me to have sex with him. Confidence does not make everything. Sometimes it is useless to be confident. It is more clever to know to wisely choose your target and have a dating plan in place.