Spy cameras to protect you from false rape & sex assault accusations

Today, many women falsely accuse men of rape or sexual abuse. Whether you want to protect yourself from your girlfriend, your wife or a date it is always good to have evidence of what happened. If there are any legal downsides related to the recording of people in your country, I would like to tell you there is nothing worse than being accused of being a rapist or a sexual predator. Before you are dismissed by a justice court, once the newspaper gets the story, then people judge you.

Technology can help you to prevent from being sued for nothing. Spy cams may be helpful to every man in any situations. It can be at the office, at a friend’s place, on a vacation, in a foreign country… Spy cams are now cheap so that I suggest you to buy several of them. Don’t only record your interactions with women, also store it in a safe place.

Spy cams Review:

Today, there are many types of spy cams. A specific type of spy cams may better suits a particular situation than another one.  Prior to buying a spy cam, there are 5 points to check.

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