Signs of women monkey branching on facebook profile

Monkey branching is a female dating technique. This is when a woman swings from men to men depending on the situation. They use monkey branching to find the best man to date.

I have found that it was possible to spot signs of monkey branching on the facebook profile of a woman. She keeps in her friend list, a group of men with whom she isn’t related to. Usually, they don’t see those men. They don’t share any hobbies with those men. They don’t work with those men. For sure, the situation can be less visible when a woman keeps a co-worker as a backup plan since he is a co-worker. All of those men are backup plans in case something goes wrong with their actual boyfriend or husband. Even if she does not meet or talk to those men, she will keep them in her list of friends. When she will need one of those men, she will contact him by facebook messenger. One of them can be a sexual backup plan. If the boyfriend or husband does not satisfy her, she will contact him to cheat on her boyfriend or husband. That’s also why the most beautiful women never join an online dating website. They don’t need to do it. They will always find someone on their Facebook friend list. 

It is easy to spot those men. They have the profiles of being potential sex partners. This means their age fits the requirement of the woman. Their financial situation also fits with what she is looking for. By browsing the profile of those men, you may find similarities. They may look the same.

Usually, once she marries her man and when things got serious, she unfriends all those men that she didn’t know. Those men aren’t real friends. They are just backup plans in case something went wrong with their actual boyfriend.

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