How to pick up women at the beach on holidays?

cute women's back in bikini at the beachI live almost by a beach in France and I have never been able to pick up women on a beach. Whatever the pickup artists say, it is difficult to pick up women on a beach because it is a public place and women are in a defensive mode.
I don’t know if it is still possible to pick up women on the beach in 2017 whatever the country in North America or Europe.
Even if I use to criticize lounge bars and nightclubs, during summer, I wonder if beaches aren’t the worst place to pick up women.
Nevertheless, here is what I have observed at my beach. You have to mobile because if you are an on 1-mile beach it is useless to settle somewhere and wait. Then, I have noticed many women wanted to be left alone. That’s normal they are on holidays. First of all, if you are more than two men, make pairs rather than approaching women in groups.

The business card technique

When you see a woman you like, just check if you have eye contact with her by staying not so far from her. Wait for the best time to talk to her. There should be no parasite around her.

Consequently, I think the best technique would be the business card technique. You give a compliment to a woman, you give your business card with your email address on it,  saying that if she wants (or if they want) to go out tonight you are available and you leave promptly after saying your speech.The whole process has to be brief from the time when you start to talk to her and the time when you leave. Then you can start again with another woman so that you will have several options and you will more likely to receive a positive answer from a woman.  On the other hand, if you would focus on one woman and group of women, you never know what the feedback would be. So, it is better to be brief and try with many women.
On top of that, I would encourage you to stay with your male friends at the beach so that you would not waste your energy during the day trying to run after women.
This business card technique is extracted from my “generic guide to dating women” aka PADSA plan, it is the step 1.5
I encourage you to buy it you may find useful information about it.
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