She didn’t come to a date – what to think

In my life, I have set up a date to a handful of women and didn’t come to my date. I have noticed that all those women had the same profile. They were pretty. I must mention that also pretty women came to other of my dates. 

I think that some women think that they have time on their hand. They are going to stay beautiful and play this game of seduction all their life. However, we very much know that at 35 years old, the game is over because they hit the wall. When a 32 years old woman decides not to come to a date, she is close to the wall. 

Don’t think that a woman always doesn’t come to a date because she does not like a man. The reason is more psychological.

1. Unconsciously, she is hypergamic and she may think that somewhere there is a better man. In fact, this man does not exist, he is what I call the ghost man. She thinks that Superman exists but he does not exist. Women expectations are often unrealistic. They want a man to be adventurous, rich, handsome, strong, arty, funny but stable…

2. She may play the precious. She can be very shy even after 30 years old. She will not be proactive and will wait for men to always work hard to get her. Usually, this kind of women wake up at 45 or 50 years old but it is too late. Many women think they have time on their hands.

Since women naturally lose their fertility and beauty very early in their life, this is her who missed a huge opportunity. Not the man. The man will always be able to find a younger woman. Women are free today, and in many countries, they forget to use their freedom. I think they miss big opportunities to spend a good time with a man. Then, they will regret when they will get older and ugly.

Now that men and women are equal, it is expected that men do half of the job and women do half of the job too. however, now some women play the inaccessible women. They ask men to do all the job and they don’t move at all. It is not a normal situation. It is not normal to do so much for women and the more you do and you spend time and money for nothing. Think of you first, and don’t let yourself waste time and money to run after women.