Roosh V’s Neomasculinity isn’t MGTOW

These men like Jack Donovan encourage men to compete against each other aren’t MGTOWS. Those men still consider women to be special creatures that men should over-protect. They think that men should fight for women and earn money for women.

The neo-masculinists want men to behave like monkeys, lions, and wolves by trying to be alpha. Watch the videos of the Kruger Park to understand how stupid it would be to mimic wild animals. For example, it is not worth fighting another man just to show that you are a man. It is not worth fighting for a woman. It is not rational and does not work in your interest. Behaving like a wild animal isn’t rational.

Neo-masculinists worship women because they still want to protect them and to seduce them. In other words, they put women on a pedestal, just like submissive men would do.

Their Ideal isn’t realistic

Roosh V lives with small earnings and when he went back from Ukraine, he lived in the basement of his mother. All the neo-masculinists create an super hero of themselves on the internet to pretend that they are alpha. In reality, they try to escape their life by pretending to be in control of something. Nevertheless, they are dishonest because the ideology they convey online has nothing to do with the female / male relationship in reality. All the neo-masculinists who promote a neo traditional relationship where men are the kings and women are the servants are single men and mostly poor.