Don’t trust the internet about pick-up places

logoSince I discovered the internet, I have found that information related to pick up places that can be found in forums, review websites, pick up artists diaries were never accurate. The information was either obsolete or wrong. Don’t get me wrong internet is still a wonderful tool to locate addresses (google maps), to visualize a place (google street) remotely and prevent yourself in being involved in awkward situations. On the other hand, I don’t trust reviews where people say: “it is a good pick up place.” on TripAdvisor. Let me give an example.

Always consider you own subjectivity as the best thing to trust. Be like St Thomas, trust what you see yourself. In my life, I found the best pick-up places on my own. In fact, the internet helped to find the right neighborhood but then, I had to try some places myself.

Plus, I don’t want you to focus on lounge bars and nightclubs. Today, the best pick up places are located in semi-private areas. I know it is difficult to go to one of those places when you are a tourist, but you have to find those semi-private places like a fitness club, salsa club, Equitation club that are frequented by women. As I said before, beautiful women are not to be found in public places anymore because they don’t need to socialize. They don’t go out anymore as ten years ago. They will never sit at a table of a Starbuck’s coffee shop in downtown London. This era is over. Everything happens in private places now.