My opinion about picking up women on the street

A hot woman walking on the street in Romania

It is a confidence game but it is not about getting the best women. I rarely met stunning women on the street. I have found that the most beautiful women were less likely to be seen in public places. I have met the most beautiful women in semi-private places or private places. I think there are reasons for it. On the other hand, when I have picked up women on the street, there was an issue. For example, in Madrid, I have picked up a woman on street twice. The first time, she was Argentinian and she left the day after. The second time, she was a lesbian. In Berlin, Germany, I have also tried it but the woman I have picked up was a prostitute.

I don’t trust what I see on the TV and Youtube when it comes to picking up women on the street. They bring you stories that are sensational for you to stay in front of your screen. So, they show you men who are always successful with women. However, when you switch off the TV or youtube and when you go out, you don’t see the same things. It is not easy and many women aren’t attractive or accessible.

It is useless to pick up women on the street, just to tell you that you can do it. It is better to find the most beautiful and the most sexual women. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to pick up this kind of women on the street.