My opinion about Faith Goldy – The trap of tradition

For many men, Faith Goldy is attractive for two reasons. She is a conservative and she is beautiful. However, I will explain to you why this situation is not that simple. Faith Goldy is a traditionalist since she is a Catholic woman. Catholicism is very important for Faith Goldy and I want to explain some things that I am sure you don’t know.

I am born in France from 2 Catholic families. As I grew up, I went to Catholic marriages from my relatives. Then, later on, just like many men, I have observed the same exact male/female relationship issues in France (a Catholic country) than in the USA (a Protestant country). Women who married their husband at the church also did male bashing. They also were heavy spenders. Those so-called virtuous ladies also pressured their husbands to live beyond their means and it ended up in divorces.

Now, I would like to mention several things. It’s been a while I haven’t been to the Catholic church for a wedding in France because fewer men marry women today at the church. Men don’t trust women like before so that they stop marrying women while.

The values of a Catholic marriage didn’t prevent them to be manipulated, bashed, humiliated and mistreated.

Traditionalism is a big trap to men

The French couples who got divorced nowadays in 2019 all got married at the church 20 or 30 years ago. There were traditionalists. Men did their part. They acknowledged they had to protect their family. They acknowledged they had to work hard for their family. They treated their wives well.

Religious weddings aren’t stronger than any other unions since, in France, 45% of the marriage ended up in a divorce in 2017.

When Faith Goldy talks about “traditional men” and “traditional women” she talks about a scheme that already failed and she wants to send us back to the starting point of this issue.  Men who married at the Catholic church and got divorced have done everything to follow the values of the Catholic church. They worked hard for their Catholic wife. They opened a joint bank account. They offered their wives jewelry. They took out a mortgage loan. However, the wives weren’t happy still.

In the culture of today Catholicism, it is expected the man to be the main source of income and let the woman raise the children and do nothing else. In other words, the man does the dirty jobs and the wife stays home in a comfortable environment. However, the bible says that women have to work (click here to read the bible). It means that all those preacher men are not really Christian when they pressure men to work for their family since they don’t relay what the bible says. The bible says about women: She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard”, “She makes linen garments and sells them; she delivers sashes to the merchant.”

This woman as described by the bible isn’t a lazy housewife with no income.

A neo-traditional relationship largely benefits women; not men

Let’s imagine sharing your life with Faith Goldy. She could stay home making youtube videos earning little money while her hardworking conservative husband would work hard to bring money back to the household.

This remembers me the statement of the neo-traditionalist Swedish journalist Lana Lokteff from red ice tv who sees a future with many housewives staying at home (while men are sweating at work).

I think that this is not a sustainable solution to rely on one income in the household. I also think that woman always worked in the past. In a farm, both men and women equally worked. The female neotrads take advantage of the economy in rich countries where some men can earn enough money so that the woman does not need to work.

Nowadays, some women re-create history by referring to a time when women stayed at home. However, in the 17th century, without electricity and tap water, it was another story. They just want to justify the fact that they should stay at home and do nothing since all household chores are automated today.

I talk more about this in my book “how women manipulate men” in a chapter named “neo-traditionalist women”.

The so-called Catholic values and the neotrad values, don’t help men to stay away from being in trouble in their relationship. Interestingly enough, it would be the same issue for Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslims, Sikh, Hindu people…

In the traditional relationship, the man has all the pressure on his shoulders. For your information, the bible don’t state that a man should financially support his wife for 40 years.

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  1. But Faith is EXTREMELY HOT. Faith is the focus of so many masturbation fantasies it’s surprising she hasn’t gotten pregnant *over the internet*.

    The thing to do if married to Faith would be to let her do whatever she wants for the first year (while having *a lot* of sex) after that push her to go to law school/business school etc.

    I have seen here in person and I can tell you it would be worth it.

  2. I would marry Faith in a second! I recently discovered Faith and she is the ideal woman as far as I am concerned….

  3. She’s married and has no children.

    How is that Catholic?

    90% of couples who marry and are not contracepting have a baby within 12-18 months.

    She or her husband might be infertile, I guess, but it does make one wonder.

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