My mother became a gold digger

My mother is now in her sixties and I saw how she became a hypergamous gold digger since the late nineties. People got it wrong when they think that only young women are looking for money. Cupid women can be 20 years old or 80 years old. Cupidity is ageless.

In the nineties when I was a teen, my mother had no interest in luxury cars, jewels, and exotic vacation destinations. Now, in her sixties, she systematically comments on luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW or Porsche. The curves of the Porsche cars haven’t changed since a while but my mother is suddenly interested in it. She also likes the range rover Evoque. In the late nineties, I vividly remember that I have never heard my mother talking about luxurious cars.

The Range Rover Evoque (picture) is on her list.

She also started to talk about vacations to remote destinations. Before she was happy about the nearby regions that we could reach by car. Now, she wants to fly to remote destinations which imply expenses related to the flight tickets.

In the nineties, my mother didn’t wear any jewelry except for her wedding ring. Now, she asked my father to buy a ring made of diamond and gold which cost 2500 euros ($2800, £2200). On top of that, she wishes to get a hot tub even if there is no free space in the garden. One day, my mother asked my father to buy expensive Italian designer furniture. I was really surprised when I discovered it because my mother was never interested in furniture.

The increase in expenses came along with hypergamy. I saw the growing interest of my mother for rich men. However, when I was a teen, in the nineties I vividly remember that my mother never mentioned any rich men. However, since she worked in a restaurant she used to see rich men. I went to a private high school and my mother never mentioned the rich dads of my pals. One of our family friends was a successful business owner and he became a millionaire thanks to a patent, however, she never talked about him in the nineties. Today, she always talks about the richest men of her entourage and their rich lifestyle (car, holidays, items).

My mother is now a cupid. She pressures my father to make more money. It is pretty logical seeing her new behavior.

Now I’d like to tell you how this change of behavior affected me (her son) too. Now, every time I talk about my earnings my mother mentions that she would like to benefit from my earnings. Among other things, She would like me to get her expensive gifts.

Now gentlemen, I’d like to tell you what she told me: She wants me to give her money when she will be retired. In other words, she wants me to pay her an additional pension.

In my country (France) there is a law mentioning that when parents are in needs children should help them. I think about the situation where the mother in a family would have been a heavy spender throughout her life forcing her son to help her financially when she would retire. In my country, parents can sue children to get a pension. I am lucky not to be in this situation.

Fortunately for me, my parents have a retirement plan, investments, and even assets. My mother and my father are still married. My father is a business owner. Consequently, my mother benefits from my father’s assets. In this context, it is crazy that she still wants to benefit from my money.

In order to protect my money, I don’t mention all my sources of income to my mother. I also pretend that I earn much less than in reality.


The conclusion for MGTOW men is the following: Your mother is a woman like any other women. Protect your financial assets from family members too.