Men who want to limit women freedom aren’t mgtow

I have read numerous time on facebook, comments of men who regret that women weren’t housewives. Some men would like to withdraw women voting rights from women. 

Women voting’s rights

If some men go their own way, this is not because women don’t vote well. Since there are many more male politicians than women. That’s men who voted all the feminist laws. You can blame women because men have elected other men to give rights to women (like alimony). So, it is stupid to say that women should not have the right of voting.


If women were housewives, they would not have any income. This would be terrible for the economies of our countries. Women would not contribute to the economy. Men would have to financially support women all their life or there would be a need for massive welfare grants.


Some men would like to restrain the freedom of women. It is paradoxical. Men would like to go their own way but they would like to restrain the freedom of women? It does not make sense. If you are a MGTOW, you should not care about what women do. 


Those ideas are just stupid because they would not resolve any male problems. 

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