The myth of the bad boy’s attraction

The bad boy definition

In the first place, the definition of bad boys is provided by female manipulations. Consequently, it is a bad start. That’s those women who decide to call a man a bad boy but are those men really bad boys?  Those female manipulators can make up a story about a man. They can tell that a man is a bad boy even if he has not done anything wrong. 

For example, when a woman talks bad about her past boyfriend or husband, I don’t try to believe what she says because she may want me to hate her past boyfriend or husband.

Most of the time, when a woman talks about a bad boy, you don’t know him. On top of that, when a woman describes the behavior of a bad boy you were not there to witness his behavior. Consequently, if you get an opinion from this situation, that’s because you have decided to consider that the women statements are true by default. However, you can’t make a strand about a situation, if you have only one source of information.


Women are overprotected in our societies. They don’t get into brawls. No one hit women. Men are the first victims of murders. There are a lot less homeless women than homeless men.

Reality vs fiction

In a fiction, like on video from youtube or in a movie, a bad boy from the ghetto can pick up a woman. In reality, this would not happen because people only meet people they know. They stay in the same circles. In the USA, it really can’t be possible because the social groups don’t mix with each other. Several sociology studies prove that women marry men from their groups.

A woman from Manhattan will not likely marry a drug dealer from the queens in New York City.

Think about this sentence. You can witness women female youtubers lie when they say that women are attracted by bad boys. Women don’t work hard to date men outside of their relatives.

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