Married men should blame themselves after marrying a heavy spender

I came across this story on about a married man who had 3 children from the same woman. Here is the article

In this article, he mentioned that his fourth child is on the way and that he didn’t want the new child. This man is half responsible for the children. He can’t blame his wife. On the other hand, if I compare my situation to his situation. I acted responsibly. I never had sex without a condom. It wasn’t because of sexual disease but because I knew that my sexual partner could get pregnant. It is simple. However, I feel that many men aren’t cautious during sex. After a first unsolicited child, you expect a man to wake up. After 4 children, this man is a lost cause. It means that if he gets divorced he may have to pay child support for 4 children! How is it possible today to witness such an extreme case?

It means this man made a major mistake and he should have pinpointed that he made the mistake. He also mentioned that his wife was a heavy spender. It looked like he had a joint bank account with his wife. If you open a joint bank account and if you leave your place for a while, what do you expect? If you married a heavy spender, she is going to spend your money since she has access to the joint bank account.

He also mentioned that he bought a van for her. This woman wanted a new vehicle even if the man had been laid off. I guess she hasn’t a job.

It was a plain cardboard ballot box.

Then he advises not to marry. He should have said that he made major mistakes and explain why he made those mistakes. He should have said don’t do what I have done for years. After so many mistakes, he is not the right person to advise men and post an article on

Posting such an article on is very much like asking the former business owner of bankrupt companies to give a seminar about entrepreneurship.

I use to repeat that many men have disconnected their rationality when it comes to the relationship with women. Then, I hardly listen to the advice of those men even after their divorce because I have found that some of them keep on being blue pilled in their 60ties and 70ties.

This highlights that in the red pill community, there is a lack of meritocracy and examples to follow.

Now, I am interested about tell you what you could do about it. It is never too late to get divorced. You must accept to lose assets and money in exchange of freedom. You aren’t forced to marry a woman to have children. You should have children with a woman who earns good money so that you will never pay child support. You should never open a joint bank account with a woman.