Jennifer Lawrence discovers she isn’t the centre of universe. Tough!

During a Jimmy Kimmel show, the actress Jennifer Lawrence asked Hollywood boulevard bystanders to name 5 movies in which she’s been. The video editor placed the fans at the beginning of the sequence and then it turns to be a disaster as interviewees had no idea who Jennifer Lawrence was. They had to call the Jimmy Kimmel sidekick “Guillermo” to answer this question and show that at least one man could name 5 movies in wich Jenniger Lawrence played a character.

This is how an entitled woman discovers that she is not the center of attention. This is a lesson for men. They should stop considering that women should be their sun.

Frankly speaking, I must say that it was a tough day for Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer is by far my favorite humorist and I love her stand-up comedy shows. Jennifer Lawrence is not so beautiful when she has no makeup but she is really funny.