Is it possible to pick up women in London?

It is a very difficult task to pick up women in London for several reasons.

1. Difficult to have a one night stand:
If you meet a woman in a bar from Old Street. How do you go back with her to your apartment located in Chiswick? If you live in Chiswick, there are no real places to pick up women in the evening. Distance is are a major barrier in picking up women in big cities.

2. Closed networks of people:
The most attractive and psychologically stable women are located in the most closed networks of people. You aren’t likely to meet them on their own at the local Starbuck’s coffee shop. You will not find interesting women in public places in London.

3. Women / men ratio:
If you go to ANY London’s nightclub, you will get 7 men for 3 women. The award went to London club “Fabric” where I counted 11 men for 2 women around me. In London lounge bars, the ratio is closer to 7  men to 3 women. This means that many women don’t go out.

4. Money, money, money:
You may spend a lot of money for nothing. Taking a cab on your own, paying the nightclub fee, buying some beverages, calling friends… Living in London means spending lots of money in basic stuff without getting any benefits from it.

I think it is useless to try picking up women in London. You have the chance to live in a city with many airports and many train stations. You are lucky to live in a city close to four airports and many train stations. Take this opportunity to travel. Heathrow is the biggest airport in Europe. It is useless to waste your time in a place where you have such a high ratio of men versus women in public places. It is useless to spend money on women living in London, hoping you will get something one day. In this article, I only discussed the problem of the city. I didn’t talk about the mindset of local women which make it even more difficult.

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