Is chatting with cam girls the best for a MGTOW?

In the MGTOW community, some men perceive the camgirl chat users as submissive men who worship women. Some MGTOW call those men “cucks”. While an online relationship with a cam girl is a paid relationship, webcam chats with camgirls include lots of advantages to men.

Here are the advantages of an online relationship vs a real-world relationship for a MGTOW.

  • A man can’t get sued for sexual abuse or rape the day after a private chat session with a camgirl. A website support team monitors the chats. Thus, a woman can’t lie saying that somebody threatened her during a private webcam chat session. There can’t be false sexual abuse accusations and false rape accusations for sure.
  • Men don’t have to fear STD’s with a camgirl since there is no contact with women
  • They also don’t fear to get tricked. There will be nothing like forced fatherhood with a camgirl. There is no risk of impregnating a woman.
  • A camgirl site user does not need to be concerned about alimony and child support. The fact that he does not physically meet the woman in person protects him from impregnating the woman and submit to her.
  • Since men pay, women have to deliver. Since the man pays, he can impose his desire to the camgirl. For example, he can ask her to get naked or a roleplay whenever HE wants.
  • If a man is not happy about a cam girl he can stop the conversation without saying goodbye. Then, he can choose somebody else among the camgirls. He is not forced to listen to the woman’s problems as in real life. He does not need to answer calls or bring her belongings back to her. She will not be able to retaliate.
  • The man decides when the relationship starts and ends.
  • The man chooses the woman he wants to see. If a man is a regular customer of a cam girl, he can easily replace her with a more beautiful and younger cam girl.
  • The man does not suffer from any downsides of a relationship. He will not suffer from male bashing, critics, humiliation, on-going solicitation. If it is the case, he can stop the conversation in a blink of an eye by pressing a button.
  • The man is not pressured to get indebted. In the real world today, some women order their man to buy expensive products like a house, a car, a swimming pool, expensive trips. Cam girls are cheaper than a significant number of wives.
  • You may spend a lot of money on cam girls but you will not likely be indebted. Being ruined vs being indebted. When you are ruined because of a woman, your account balance is equal to zero. When you are indebted because of a woman, your balance is equal to minus something. We live in a world where we are tricked into believing that being indebted is normal while in fact it is worse than being ruined. If a gold digger made you take out loans, it will cost you money for a long time after splitting up with her. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of money on camgirls, after you stop, it is not going to cause long-lasting consequences. On the other hand, you would must pay the loans triggered by your ex for many years after breaking up.


The internet act as a layer of protection between men and women to prevent men to find themselves in trouble because of female predators.

Some men consider that camgirls are bad. This should be put in context.

Some people may tell you that webcam girls cost a lot of money. However, if you compare the cost of dating and the cost of cam girl websites, you’ll see that dating is less efficient than webcam model websites. For example, you can decide to use a cam model service whenever you want. On the other hand, your date may take up your time and ask you to be available when she wants you to be available.

Then, when you go out from your home to date a woman, you spend money without being aware of it (restaurant, car, bar, venues, clothes and many other small expenses). However, it does not mean that you are going to be successful.

Case 2: A man gets engaged to a gold digger.

Compare the cam girl chat expenses with the expenses related to a spendthrift woman: clothes, jewelry, holidays, car loans, mortgage loan, custom kitchen, swimming pool, fancy furniture, second home, divorce, child support, alimony, vacation, restaurant, leisure activities…

A cam girl can be way cheaper than a toxic girlfriend or a wife. For example, I know a committed man who was forced to buy a house near the sea because his girlfriend wanted it. Houses near the sea are more expensive than anywhere else. So, he bought a house that was 40% more expensive than a regular house in a suburb at the same distance from his workplace. This man didn’t want to buy a house in the first place. In order words, the relationship with a girlfriend cost him $350,000. No cam girl will ever cost you as much the amount of a mortgage loan. Some people will answer that the mortgage loan is not a loss. He has to give up a part of his salary for the next 25 years. He gave up his hobbies and vacation trips to remote destinations. Also, freedom is priceless.

Some men aren’t in a position to criticize cam girl chat users or onlyfans subscribers.

For example, I knew a man who called adult chat users “cucks”. This man broke up with his girlfriend. He had a child and paid more child support than what the family court ordered him to pay. He used to pay this woman $500 for his child on a monthly basis while he was asked to pay $250 per month.

In other words, he is a financial provider, and he wants to be a financial provider. However, he gets no reward by paying so much money.