Canada, one of the hardest place to find women to date.

canadian leaveIt may sound strange but after visiting 15 countries, I always think that Canada is a place where it is challenging to meet someone. First of all, Distances are huge in Canada, and it is not easy to meet someone for this first reason. The climate is also difficult, and people don’t go out that much. To be successful in Canada, you have to be part of a community where you will meet women because everything happens behind doors.

Also, for some reasons, I have noticed that’s one of the places where beautiful women don’t go out that much. I have not been to Canada for ten years, but I am sure that if I came back to Toronto tomorrow, it would be similar.

Toronto and Montreal where the two cities where I have found the smallest number of opportunities. At work, women were cold and asexual. In town, I haven’t found any night places with attractive women. I do think that Canada is worse than the USA to date women.

Hypergamy in Toronto:

I do think that there are more hypergamic women in Canada than in the USA. It sounds crazy but that’s what I experienced. American men idealize Canadian women. They think Canadian women are easier and nicer. It is just a prejudice about Canadian woman. When I went out in Toronto, I found women who had unrealistic expectations towards men. Wherever the bar or the nightclub I went to in the entertainment district of Toronto, I found that women had the same expectations. They didn’t expect a consensual relationship. They wanted a rich man. For your information, I have found Californian women who were more modest than Torontonian women.

Montreal, not a pickup place:

People (both Canadian and foreigners) think that Montreal is the easiest place to date women. However, I have found that there were no opportunities in the local bars and nightclubs. Women from Montreal may sound friendly but it does not mean you are going to have sex with a woman in Montreal. At the end of the day, I discovered that the women behavior in Montreal was the same as in Toronto. The French culture makes you believe that there is something special about Montreal but it is only a facade. Just like in Toronto, people date within their community without trying to meet anyone outside of this community.

If you live in Toronto or Montreal, there is a real option to consider: “the international airport.” That’s all. Note that Russia has the same climate than Canada. However, it is much more interesting to date women in Russia than in Canada.

I have lived in Canada before I traveled the world. To me, Canada is worst than all Eastern European countries, Central European countries, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria to date women.

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