Those Youtube attention seekers

I lived at some point in Cisjordania, east of Israel. When I was there, there were no female activists fighting shariah or radical Islam. In fact, I have never met a representative of the non-profit organization when I was in Cisjordania. In the middle east, there aren’t any women who contradict the system.

Men were in charge of problems. In the middle east, men have even more responsibilities than in the west because women have no responsibilities at home. They work a little bit but they let men make all the most difficult decisions. Women kept a low profile and they benefited from it. In the middle east, women aren’t victims of Islam since no women really criticize their culture. On the other hand, I think that some fierce mastermind Muslim terrorists are Arab women.

Attention seekers

When I see those female Youtubers talking about the danger of Islam, I feel like I am in front of attention seekers who fight Islam because it is trendy and thanks to the alt-right trend they are going to make views. They only repeat word by word what other people already said. I very much know that those women don’t have any impact on the real world. If you would go to the middle east tomorrow, in Syria or Palestine, you would never meet a female rebel as we see on youtube.  Youtube gives those women the opportunity to be an online hero.

In fact, the internet gave the impression that people change the world. It is not true. They are just attention seekers who get popular. It is not about who is for Islam and who is against Islam. It is about fame & narcissism.