How your gf puts you down by talking about sex performance of her ex

This is what I called negative sexual manipulation. A woman will tell you that her past boyfriends had superhuman powers in bed. However, you were not right there at the place when the sexual intercourse occurred. Consequently, you will never know whether your girlfriend tells you the truth or if she lies to you. Let’s take some examples:

  • She tells you that a past boyfriend could have sex 10 times in a night
  • She tells you that a past boyfriend jerked off a lot of cum during sex
  • She tells you that a past boyfriend could last 2 hours before jerking off.
  • She tells you that a past boyfriend could be able to have 10 minutes after jerking off
  • She tells you that a past boyfriend had a large penis

The man who listens to those statements may think that it is true because today there are lots of porn with men who are sexually performant. However, it does not reflect reality.

I think that some women tell you those stories to lower your ego. This has many consequences. They want you to feel lucky to have her so that you would be submissive and you would accept her requests during the relationship. You would be more likely to accept a relationship where she would benefit from your assets or your jobs. For example, Imagine that you date a very beautiful woman who tells you that she had “superheroes” as past boyfriends. By manipulating you she expects you to treat her like a queen. For example, she would not need to work and you would work for her buying everything she wants.

She wants to make you believe that you have to work hard to deserve her.