How über drivers can prevent sexual assault accusations

Here is a screenshot of what the interior facing camera records in InfraRed mode by night or in the shadow.

There is a technological device that can help über drivers to fight false sexual abuse accusations from female clients. This is a double sided dash cam which records the front and interior of the car cabin.

Those products record in full 1080 HD. conditions under low light is not a problem because those dash cam have little led which allow to record the interior of the car by night.

I do advise to buy several SD cards. When the SD card is full, the dash cam will start to erase the oldest recording. So, I suggest to take out the SD card when you think that a client could file a complaint against you. Then, use a different SD card to prevent the Dash cam to erase the precious previous recording of a specific customer trip.

Here is a selection of dual sided Dash cam that you can purchase on Amazon.

I suggest all drivers to use those dash cams: bus drivers, taxi drivers, über drivers, limousine drivers… As soon as you drive people with you, everything can happen.

The dash cam is also a proof that you aren’t a sexual predator. If a customer asks you about the dash cam filming the interior of the car, you can answer that you want to protect yourself against false accusations. It also mean that you have nothing to hide. If you would be a thug, you would not have installed a dual sided dash cam in your car.