What to say to a woman during dating?

terraceAccording to my observation, if you want to seduce women, the same conversation techniques work all over the world.

Your voice:

Have a deep voice & speak slowly, distinctly. Women link such a voice to masculinity. I have always been surprised to hear women commenting on a man’s voice. A sharp voice may be a problem.

Don’t talk about topics where you have to make a stand:

You should avoid some topics if you want to seduce a woman. You should not talk about politics & religion issues where you have to make a stand. For instance, don’t support research on animals saying that it is mandatory to help humankind. Don’t forget, in a seduction mode, to be successful; the means justify the end.

Use stereotypical positive opinions:

I am French; I know that many American women dream about the city of Paris. That would be a mistake if I would talk about the true problems of Paris issues. For instance, right now, there are problems with criminality, unemployment, the price of living, lack of nightlife. In fact, that would be a mistake to talk about this. It is better to speak about a romantic cruise on La Seine, excellent restaurants in Montmartre and all other Parisian stereotypes. This approach can be applied to New York City, Miami, Las Vegas & Los Angeles.

Be straight forward:

Don’t listen to people who tell you that you should be romantic and careful. Do the opposite to be successful. Be straightforward because that’s the only way to be understood well. In fact, if a woman is ok to date, she needs to know that you want to date her. There is no other way than telling her what you exactly want from her. For sure, there are many variants.


It is important not to give too many compliments. Otherwise, they lose their power on women.  You have to wait for the right time to tell your compliment to a woman. Also, many compliments don’t have a sexual context. It is important to choose compliments that will support a sex proposal. Out of this goal, all other paths are misleading.

A goal for every conversation:

If you want to pick up a woman, your conversation should end with a call for action. The more your are precise and the better it is. Example:

  • “I want to have a drink with you in 2 hours at the local bar …
  • “Would you like to have a dinner with me, tomorrow at Luigi’s, 7 pm?”

After observing many women, I have discovered that it was men role to give directions. Otherwise, a downtime could lead to a failure and uncertainty. You have to reach the point where you don’t fear a failure if she says “no.”

This technique is part of a larger process for picking up and dating women:

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