How to find out that a Youtube video of street seduction is fake

I watched the Youtube video of Street attraction. When I watched it, even if I have been to the same Eastern European cities as those pick-up artists, I felt like the scene took place in other cities (Budapest, Bucharest) that had nothing in common with the cities that I have visited. To me, it looks like staged videos.

  1. The actors and actresses appear right in the middle of the screen.
  2. Sometimes a guy films with its phone and it does not bother the girls. However, only in the USA, people accept to be filmed easily. For instance, In Hungary, you can’t film people without their consent on the street.
  3. A man will talk to many beautiful women in a short time. If you go to the same place, you never see so many beautiful women.
  4. It is always easy, however, in reality, women are in a hurry.
  5. The man is always successful with the women and none of them say “no”
  6. You rarely see the aftermath and it is the most important. You will never see dates with one of the woman.
  7. It is strange, the said pick up artists have no girlfriends or women who call him.
  8. In the old towns of Eastern European cities (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Prague), you mainly find tourists and no beautiful local women.

In Eastern Europe or in Sweden if a woman gives you her phone number or her email to be added to your facebook it does not mean anything. She just wants to stay polite. In the USA, women would brush you away. In Central and Eastern Europe, the male-female relationship has usually fewer tensions. They don’t scream at you but they will make you understand later that they aren’t interested.

The Youtube pickup artists may hire local women to play the actress wherever they go. They can even hire women to come with them on a trip. It is possible because actresses are cheap in Eastern Europe and Latin America. For example, the average salary in Bucharest is $600 per month. In Thailand or in Colombia, it is cheap to pay for a woman to follow you for several days.

Here in France, I would like to fake a street seduction. I would bring my two tripods with me. I would go to Bordeaux, I would hire the most beautiful women at the local comedy classes. I would install my tripods in a park and I would set a scene for a scenario.