How to date a French woman in Paris?

Dating places

First of all, choosing a dating place in Paris isn’t that easy because there are many places where there is no intimacy. Try to find a lounge bar or a restaurant where there are not many people. Otherwise, you may be disturbed by someone.

French women are very concerned about their public image. It is very important to find a very intimate place and isolate your interlocutor. By the way, it is useless to seduce a woman if she came with another woman. Isolating a woman is very important. As I use to say, dating is a business involving you and her without anybody else.

Don’t wait too long

Long romantic evenings as portrayed in the media aren’t realistic for several reasons. Just like in London, many premises close early. Then, the Parisian metro also closes at some point and there is always a shortage of taxis in Paris. If you set a date early, you are likely to be more successful because you will not face those issues related to late night. In Paris, today, it is not possible to be romantic, because Paris is too big, too busy, too expensive. You have to be organized and go straight to her place or your place when it is time to have sex. Otherwise, you may achieve nothing during the night as you would go from point to point and then, it would be too late to do anything with a woman.

Hotel issues

Just like in London, there is an issue with the size of the city. Paris is so big so that if you live in the suburb, you cannot bring a woman back to your place because it is just too far. In general, there is always long distance trips between her place, your place, and the lounge bar or nightclub. A hotel solution is a good option. It is a neutral place. If the woman is hooked up with you and if you want to terminate the relationship, it is easy because she doesn’t know your address. Before a date in Paris, never book a hotel room beforehand because it is too expensive. In France, there is a big issue with hotels, especially in Paris.

Independent hotel staffs love to know everything about customers and that is not okay. Big chained brand hotels because they provide anonymity and it is priceless. In a big chained brand hotel, employees don’t care about what you do in private. Fyi, big hostels of Paris are better than Parisian family hostels.

Ask her if she lives in shared accommodation. If she says yes, it will make things complicated. On the other hand, if she lives in an apartment on her own, it will make things easier. Anyways, I recommend finding the closest night place to her an apartment. In the night, the best would be to bring her to her place and have a one night stand at her place. She feels more comfortable.

Then, once the “deal has been sealed,” you have to go as fast as possible to her place or the hotel. You MUST find a hostel that is maximum 20 minutes away. 15 minutes is even better. After 15 minutes of travel, everything can change, and you can lose everything.

Prepare your military plan

Let’s come back to the dating plan. When you are going to be in touch with a woman (conversation, Facebook, MSN, phone), ask in which neighborhood she lives in. Afterwards, find all bar lounges that are the closest to her place. I said bar lounges because I think those places are the best for dates. There are good bar lounges in France. Try to find a bar lounges with cushioned benches and intimate areas. You have to find a place that is intimate.


Alcohol is an aid during dating. French women are so normative so that they never dare anything. There are scared of what people may say about them. Many French women are more concerned about their reputation than their love story. Consequently, Alcohol helps French women to get rid of inhibitions. For instance, cocktails will work during dating.

Sense of touch

French women are tactile. Once you feel she got rid of inhibition start to touch her. If you get a strong negative response, I suggest you give up right away because there are also in France a significant number of sexually frustrated women just like in the USA. Don’t listen to neo-machos who make you believe that you can go further. If you live in Paris, you have to learn to fail because this will happen often. First, touch her hand, if you succeed in touching her hand, it means you are likely to have sex with this woman. Then touch her back and her legs. At last, touch her face. You are not forced to kiss each other. Once you touched her body and once she accepted everything, you can ask her, either to go to her place or to go a hotel.

Beware of French psycho women

If you meet a French feminist, there is nothing you can do with her. You can’t rely on the look of a woman to determine whether she is a feminist or not. The picture below is a photo of Anne-Cécile Mailfert, a feminist leader in France. She is a praying mantis. I was under the impression she supported a woman (Jacqueline Sauvage) who shot dead her husband in the back with a rifle. If you face a feminist or a psycho, you have to leave as fast as possible because you are in danger and there is nothing you can do to change the situation. They are female predators who look for preys. Consequently, listen carefully to what they have to say during dating. If you hear any feminist statements, it is time to go away. In order to improve male/female relationship, be uncompromising with feminists, tell her that you don’t want to date a feminist. She will tell you that everything is fine and she will show you a sweeter face to manipulate you. However, Their psychological process went too far. They can sue you at any time for any reasons or play a psychological game with you.


Let me know if you would like details by asking questions in comments.

I wrote an Ebook about dating women in France. It is not an advertisement for France, it is a reality check after many years of media propaganda about French women. I am a Frenchman and I know this subject well.

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