How to compliment women?

  1. Observe: Sometimes, women want to value a part of their body. It can be their legs, their breasts, their bottom… If a woman wears a top with a big cleavage or if she wears a short dress, it means she wants to show her legs and her breasts. You may also take notice of anything that makes her look singular. It can be a special hat, a T-shirt with something written on it or simply her eyes.
  2. Prepare: It is useless to talk to a woman if you don’t know what to say. You should exactly know what you are going to tell her. Prepare the sentences in your mind before talking to a woman. A good compliment should be maximum 4 sentences.
  3. Isolate: Women are very influenced by other perceptions of their own image. Always give a compliment when a woman is on her own. Otherwise, people may influence her behavior even if they don’t say anything.
  4. Talk: Be sure to be in front of her. The worst case scenario is when you are behind her and when you run after her talking over her shoulder. Look at her in the eyes. You have to talk slowly and deeply with confidence to her. You have to be sure to be well understood by her.


And now, some examples:

  • Context: She wears nylons and a nice dress with boots.
  • Compliment: Your legs are beautiful and it is rare to see such beautiful legs in this neighborhood.
  • Context: A beautiful woman has beautiful blue eyes.
  • Compliment: You have beautiful eyes, your boyfriend is a lucky man.

As you can see I start from something I see and make the compliment from the context. Then, the last example is interesting because it helps to know whether a woman is single or not.

This technique is part of a larger process that I have described in my ebook, “generic guide to dating women”.

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