How female predators get their boyfriend’s money

The goal of this article is to highlight the strategies that can be used to take advantage of a man’s money in a context where there is no marriage.

The strategy of the female predacious girlfriend is to pull out as much wealth as she can from the male without him noticing it. It makes sense in the actual world. There are fewer marriages than before. When a predator is not married she has to get the money of her boyfriend in a different manner than in a court battle.

Here are some behaviors that I observed. The following examples really happened:

Joint bank account

The female predator may act in a way so that she can take advantage of the relationship without being married. For instance, she may ask to open a joint bank account to withdraw money. The boyfriend works and the girlfriend spends the money. It is a classic one. It sounds strange but there are still many joint bank account nowadays.

Gifts to get assets

She may ask to get gifts from her boyfriend like a car or a pricey ring. Those ones will be sold in case of a separation. This is not science fiction. we saw this behavior in Ukraine and Russia. To encourage the man to buy something, they prepare a plan and they are masters at expressing their will. Usually, they use emotional blackmail. For example, a female student may say to her boyfriend that since she has no car she will not be able to go to her school and it will ruin her life. I know a story of a woman who used this technique. The boyfriend found a little car for her girlfriend. He would pay $3000 she would pay $900. She said no. She wanted a bigger and more expensive car. Then, It was obvious she wanted to use her boyfriend to buy a car. The boyfriend said no. The girlfriend went to school even if she had no car.

If the man becomes a successful entrepreneur she will not get anything from his business for sure in case of a breakup. However, I saw a girlfriend who convinced her boyfriend to appoint her as a co-director even if she had no skills in the field of management. I had the opportunity to visit the company and found that she wasn’t doing anything.

The house deed:

She may also ask to have her name on the house deed even if the boyfriend took out the mortgage agreement on its own so that she can get 50% of the sale when the house is sold. She may ask to be added to the car paper for the same reason. She may use emotional blackmail by saying that the boyfriend could throw her out and that she would not have anywhere to go.

Vehicle title deed

This is the situation when a woman convince her boyfriend to add her on the title deed of his vehicle. Thus, if a separation occurs at any time, he will be forced to sell the car and she will get half of the vehicle’s sale. First, the man feels safe when he adds the woman to the title deed because he does not have to give money to anyone. Then, he discovers this costs him a lot of money.

My opinion

Many men think they are safe when they decide not to marry a woman. However, we found that female predators know how to get their boyfriend money even if there aren’t married. Men disconnect their gold digger radar and it is a major mistake.