Is Harvey Weinstein an offender or a victim?

The Harvey Weinstein’s case revealed the firepower of feminism in October 2017. They can target any man in the population and make him the public enemy number one in a blink of an eye. However, Harvey Weinstein isn’t in prison. It means that the US justice has considered that there was nothing serious about the allegations against Mr. Weinstein. He is a Hollywood feminism victim. They ruined Harvey Weinstein job career within one week.

It is easy for the mainstream media to make a man a rapist. You find a picture of him where he looks like Al Capone and you make up a story that implies that he is a sexual offender without being too straightforward to avoid being prosecuted for defamatory statements. People will buy the story right away.

For many years, no women sued Harvey Weinstein. They didn’t sue him because they never were sexually abused or raped. Harvey Weinstein liked to have sex with women which is normal since he is heterosexual. Feminists want us to believe that 1/ every sexual remark is sexual harassment and 2/ every heterosexual sex act is a rape.

On top of that, I think that some actresses decided to sell their body against money for a movie. In fact, the job of an actress is escorting.

Actresses publicly spoke against Harvey Weinstein to manipulate the media and get free advertisement.

Actresses need to work. Weinstein bashing helped actresses to get media coverage to be noticed and hired by filmmakers and producers. Female actresses, Novelists & singers use rape allegations as a new way to advertise themselves. The Weinstein’s case helped actresses to get their names in articles of newspapers, on the TV and radio in the USA, in France, Germany, Uk, Spain, Poland, Italy, Japan, Australia…

Every man can be Harvey Weinstein tomorrow. Some men think they are safe because they are nice to women. It is a wrong assumption. The female predators can make up a story about you. They can use evidence of something you have done in the past. They can publicly tell a story about you. Then, when thousands of people think that you are the new evil on earth, what can you do?

We (men) can all be the man that everyone hates on the mugshot tomorrow.

Behind the Harvey Weinstein case, there is the issue of false rape accusations and false sexual abuse accusations.

This issue costs a lot of money to taxpayers because state workers have to look into every case.

Dear men, women should pay the price when they lie. The convictions related to false rape allegations and false sexual abuse allegations should be high enough to discourage women to lie and falsely accuse men. Get in touch with your local political representative to warn them about this issue.