Greek women’s beauty is underrated

Greek women are underrated. I think that today that the sexiest mediterranean women can be found in Greece. If we would need to rank the mediterranean countries by beauty, Greece/Cyprus would come first with the most beautiful women of mediterranean sea, then you would have Turkish women, then Italian women and at last Spanish women. For your information, when I have been to Italy and Spain, I have been disappointed by the low number of beautiful women. I do think that both Spanish and Italian women are overrated. I vividly remember my first time in Italy. It was at the Malpensa Airport in Milano. I expected to see very host Italian flight attendees and female employees of the airport. I saw NOTHING. Then, in the city centre of Milan, I have been disappointed by the very low number of sexy women.

I have travelled all over Spain and Italy. I always looked for the spots with the most beautiful women. After sometimes I gave up. Let me explain to you my tour. First of all I was in Madrid and people told me that the beautiful women were in Barcelona. However, in Barcelona I didn’t see any differences. Then, people told me it is better in south of Spain but I didn’t see any differences in Malaga. Then, I went to Milano and Roma, i have found that the Italian women were sexually cold. In Italy, even if you are a good seducer, you will have difficulties to get any women. At last, in Athens, I was surprised to see the number of women with both a beautiful body and a beautiful face. On top of that, Greek women are accessible. At least they are more accessible than Italian women. The beauty of Greek women is unknown to the world.

I have some evidence that Greek women can be beautiful: