Feminists aren’t the n°1 enemies of men

It sounds crazy but it is true. After reading this article, you will understand that the real threats don’t come from the crazy women on youtube but close female relatives.

  • The neo-traditionalist women. They are common in religious communities like Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. Those ones are much more harmful than feminist women. In fact, they want to live at home so that they don’t need to work hard. This means that in this type of relationship the man is responsible for making money all his life. When they will retire, the couple is likely to live in misery because they will only rely on one pension. I have found that the neotraditional housewives also don’t do any dirty jobs. They don’t paint walls, renovate a house, do the plumbing or fix the Wifi. Conversely, household chores are almost non-existent since it is all automated. In a relationship with a neotrad, men works for his woman, all his life and a woman benefits from her husband work.
  • Stealthy gold diggers. Those women encourage men to live beyond their means. Men do not understand that they are manipulated. Stealthy gold diggers don’t talk about money but lifestyle, that’s how they fool their husband or boyfriend. The man understands the trick after sometimes, but it is too late. Stealthy golddiggers know when to ask for something. For example, they wait for being a mom before rising their expectation towards a man. They will ask for a cottage or an SUV just after giving birth. This is the time when the man will less likely refuse any requests.
  • False female victims. I described those women in my Ebook: “how women manipulate men.” There are women who play the victims to encourage men to act for them. For example, a woman may make you believe that she is catcalled every day to make you believe that she needs a special treatment. However, when you go out to the same public places, you never see any women being catcalled.
  • Falsely fragile women. There are also those women who make believe that they are fragile to let men do the dirty jobs on their behalf. For example, a healthy woman can tell you she has no strength because she wants you to lift heavy loads.

Female manipulators may use several of those techniques all together. In this case, they are going to be much more harmful than a feminist. Feminists have a clear, honest agenda. Female predators lie and fool men all the time. The man is going to spend a lot of energy and money for his wife or his girlfriend. This woman who is harmful will never mention feminism. Young men may think that it is sustainable to marry a nice traditional housewife.

Feminists promote ideas that are good for men:

  • They encourage women to work. It releases the financial pressure from men.
  • They encourage women to work as much as men. Once again, it helps to avoid men to be the main source of income in the household.
  • They encourage women to be involved in political matters. It also means that it prevents men to be always in charge of all the major community issues.
  • Feminists encourage women to pay the bill or split up the bill amount at the restaurant.

This also explains why neo-traditionalist women are against feminism. They want to keep the benefits of a comfortable lifestyle as a housewife.